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Drum Tuition Bowral

Michael currently teaches at a variety of schools around the Southern Highlands of NSW as well as Powerpoint Music in Bowral.

Why Mike?

  • Over 20 years professional drum playing experience
  • Over 15 years drum teaching experience
  • Bachelor of Music degree A.I.M
  • CPM,Trinity, Rock School syllabus available to complete
  • Teaching drum students from beginners to advanced


"I have been having lessons with Michael for 10 years and I have learnt everything I know about the drums from him. The lessons have been really enjoyable, but also profitable as I have just completed my Music HSC performances with top of my class. We haven't just focused on one particular genre but explore many different ones, broadening my repertoire for the drums. Michael is a fantastic drum teacher who I also now count as my friend."

Wes Bollinger


"Michael was an outstanding teacher and friend during the many years he taught me. He helped me accomplish all four AMEB Contemporary Music exams for drums and assisted me in grasping the various concepts and genres of music. He continued to make the lessons interesting and fun with his enthusiastic response to my progress which helped me to become more confident in my music. He was always willing to put in extra effort to assist in my learning and ensure I was ready for any tasks ahead. I would strongly recommend Michael as he skills in not only the drums but in teaching are fantastic!"

-Sam Carlon



"My two boys have been learning drums for the last 2 years from Mike. Their father is a professional drummer but we figured it is not best to teach your own children. Mike is great, he sets songs to practice to every week and they are always relevant to the moment so they are even more enthusiastic. I would recommend Mike to anyone with children wishing to learn drums."

-Sarah Powell


"When I first started learning from Mike I was a fresh-faced 10 year old boy, scarcely knowing my single drum strokes from parradiddles! I've now been learning for over 7 years and I have learnt loads. Mike has been fantastic in both 'getting the groove', and in the numerous technical skills that drummers need. Mike's a great teacher helping me through AMEB Contemporary Music exams, and more recently, my HSC music drum performance. Now an accomplished drummer myself, I still find there's plenty to learn, and Mike's knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement is invaluable.'

-Samuel Mills, Drummer

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